Our Services


Eazy Billing

Our pricing model is fixed and set to meet the needs of our customers.

Remote Support

Most issues can be resolved remotely without a technician having to travel on-site.  Saving you time and money!

Enterprise solutions made affordable

Get Enterprise quality services, priced for small businesses.

Monthly Rate

Basic support services include monitoring one system, access to the helpdesk from the monitored system.  Simple pricing, pick the number of hours of support you will need per month and pay that rate, please any additional services you want.

  • 1-5      @  80/hr
  • 6-10   @ 70/hr
  • 11-15   @ 60/hr
  • 16-20 @ 55/hr

Additional Options

Ala cart options to fit your unique situation per month.

  • Additional monitored systems        5/system
  • Backup Services                                 starting @ 10 (options vary)
  • 1x rollover*                                          20/hr
  • 2x rollover*                                         30/hr
  • 3x rollover*                                         40/hr
  • mobile helpdesk access                    5/device
  • Extra Hours**                                      100




* Rollover multiplyer allows you to carry over up to that many hours into the next month.  example 5 hour contract, with 1x rollover option can bank the 5 hours till the next month for a 10 hour project.
** For hours of support after the contracted hours, and if applicable rollover hours, have been exceeded.